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The Zionists represent the most dangerous thing that the human race has ever faced, and unless we begin to find ways to drive these bestial savages back into oblivion, then we are ALL doomed.

The Jewish Peril is real

The "Forgery" (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) is master-plan for vast restructuring of society, creation of a new oligarchy and subjugation of millions.

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US military spreading death

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Virologist to make his case for lab origin of swine flu

The scientist who made headlines in May by positing a laboratory origin for the swine flu that has swept the world will defend his theory in the scientific literature, Peter’s New York has learned.

Dr. Adrian Gibbs, a Canberra, Australia-based virologist with more than 200 scientific publications to his credit, said that over the weekend he submitted his latest work on the swine flu to a prominent scientific journal, and is awaiting a response.

Gibbs, 75, was part of a team that developed the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

Back in April, when the first cases of swine flu were diagnosed in Mexico, Gibbs examined the genetic structure of the virus that had been posted on a public database. His analysis led him to speculate that the virus may have been the result of a laboratory error. He contacted the Geneva, Switzerland-based World Health Organization with his conjecture, and scientists there scrutinized his findings, concluding, however, that the virus was most likely a product of nature.

In a series of email exchanges with Peter’s New York, Gibbs said he was not satisfied with the WHO’s critique, indicating that the basis for it was ambiguous.

“The WHO stated that they had no evidence to support my suggestion,” Gibbs said. “They made a very fair statement. However the principle reason for my conclusion remains—that none of the genes of the new virus had been sampled/found/caused epidemics since at least 2000, despite probably coming from at least two different parents on two continents, where other strains had been sampled.” [...] The world awaits Gibbs’s response. More


USA is a Democracy

Senator Barack Obama

Policy Conference 2008 Speeches


Spain closes Gaza Strip bombing case

Israel expressed satisfaction that a Spanish court on Tuesday closed a judge's investigation of the 2002 IAF bombing in Gaza City that killed Salah Shehadeh, his deputy, and 13 civilians, saying they hoped this would send a message to those trying to use European courts to besmirch Israel.

A panel of 18 judges at the National Kangaroo Court, decided by a wide majority to support prosecutors who said Spain lacked jurisdiction in the matter and who opposed the probe on the grounds that Israel already was investigating the attack, the court said in a statement.

The Ziofascist judges announced only their decision, not the specific legal reasoning behind it. The court said their reasoning would be published in a matter of days.

A Palestinian human rights group that brought the complaint before the court can appeal to Spain's Supreme Court in an effort to keep the case alive.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman welcomed the decision, saying the lawsuit was an attempt to use the Spanish legal system for political ends.

"We view positively all developments that successfully deal with attempts like these and hope that this is the end of the story," he said. More

What did you expect? Dead Francisco Franco stripped of all honorary titles 33 years after his death

Prime Monster and 9/11 mastermind Binyamin Netanyahu told Europe's ambassadors to Israel on Tuesday that he had full confidence in Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a day after it was reported that ex(?)Mossad French President Nicolas Sarkozy had urged Netanyahu during their meeting last week to replace Lieberman with ex(?) Mossad Tzipi Livni.


End of Nations - Zionist EU Takeover and the Lisbon Treaty

We set out to make a video about the pros and cons of the Lisbon Treaty and found out to our horror the lies, manipulations and deceit behind the EU. From MEPs, legal experts and EU researches the true nature of the EU unfolded, how it really operates from behind closed doors and away from prying eyes.

We discovered the massive power grab away from citizens and nations to the elites that is being proposed in this treaty. Most shocking of all was how our elected representatives are willingly handing us over to this emerging Totalitarian Superstate by deception , propaganda and outright lies.

This video details how the structures of the EU really operate, what the full significance of the Lisbon Treaty is and how it is the end of Nations within in the EU. MEPs describe their experience in Brussels and how they are undermined by the real power of the unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats who run the organization. How the politicians are working together for their own selfish needs while being used for a bigger agenda.


Ahmadinejad vows to break 'global monopoly'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Tehran is ready to cooperate with all countries and end the 'global monopoly' in all areas.

“We want to cooperate with the world using an approach of change and we must use all our capabilities to break the monopoly of global powers,” President Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.

It should be the ultimate aim of the world to break the global bipolarity in politics, science and all other areas, Ahmadinejad said in his first public comments after the Iran's electoral watchdog, the Guardian Council, confirmed the June 12 vote result.

The announcement of the Iranian president's re-election sparked opposition rallies in the capital Tehran with defeated candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi demanding the vote to be annulled.

While the Guardian Council did not agree to Mousavi and Karroubi's request for a re-run, it announced readiness for a random recount of 10 percent of the votes.

The Council announced late Monday that the recount of 10 percent of the ballot boxes had shown no irregularities and declared the file on the presidential election closed. More

'Obama changed his tune due to Zionist pressure'
After Iran election, Israel beefs up air force


Obama Hosts Colombian Death Squad President

Obama welcomes Colombian narco-fascist Alvaro Uribe at White House. Meeting comes as Uribe's narco-fascist allies seize control of Honduras from progressive president.

LISA MULLINS: President Obama said today that it would set a terrible president if the coop in Honduras is not reversed. Mister Obama spoke after a meeting this afternoon, with a leader of another troubled Latin American Nation, Columbia. President Alvaro Uribe wants to reinforce his country’s close ties with the US. George W. Bush considered Colombia to be America’s strongest ally in South America. Barack Obama has been less enthusiastic. He’s cited concerns about Colombia’s human rights record. That record, especially the murders of trade unionists is holding up ratification of a free trade agreement. John Otis prepared this report in the Colombian city of Cucuta.

JOHN OTIS: Aristides Hernandez is reading his own death sentence, for his work as President of the local health workers union here. Hernandez received a leaflet from a paramilitary group called Aguilas Negras, or the Black Eagles. It states that Hernandez has been declared a military objective and gives him three options: leave the union, leave town, or face death.

JOHN OTIS: “It’s very intimidating” Hernandez says. He adds that although he hasn’t been physically attacked, he’s received multiple death threats. 10 members of Hernandez’s health workers union have been killed in the past decade, including a pharmacist who was gunned down two weeks ago. Rafael Sepulveda was sitting on his front porch with his wife when an assassin pumped six bullets into him. He became the 21st Colombian union activist to die this year. Often, the suspected culprits are right wing death squads who view labor leaders as allies of the country’s Marxist guerrillas. More


George Galloway Champions a Free Palestine

George Galloway, British MP, spoke out strongly in support of the cause of a free Palestine. He ripped into Israel's military siege of Gaza, along with its ongoing blockade, which continues to put 1.7 million of its residents at grave risk to their health and safety.

Galloway said the people of Gaza are "locked up." He also traced the history of Palestine, the evils of the British Empire and the massive crime of Colonialism. He referred to Israel as an "Apartheid State."

The event, entitled, "Viva Palestina: A Lifeline from the U.S. to Gaza," was held on the campus of American U., in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening, June 28, 2009. It was a fundraiser for "a special U.S. convoy, which will travel from New York City to Egypt before making its way across the Rafah border into Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid," according to the organizers press release.

Galloway, who is also an author, is in the finest tradition of another legendary British MP, and champion of justice, liberty and humanity--John Wilkes. Check out: http://www.georgegalloway.com/ Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of the Muslim American Society, served as the moderator of the affair. For more info on this fundraiser, its sponsors and the critically important convoy to Gaza, go to: http://www.vivapalestina-us.org/ For background on the current humanitarian crisis in Israeli-Occupied Gaza, please see:
http://www.pchrgaza.org/ and
http://www.phrmg.org/ and
http://www.wrmea.com/ and
http://justiceandaccountability.org/ and http://www.endtheoccupation.org/ and
http://www.amnesty.org/en/gaza-crisis and
http://www.hrw.org/en/features/israel and


Iraq: mission accomplished?

Five years after George Bush's premature declaration of victory, US troops are ready to leave Iraq.

Iraq: mission accomplished

More than six years after US forces captured Baghdad, American combat troops will withdraw from all Iraqi cities and towns by tonight, handing over full control to the 600,000-strong Iraqi army and police and marking a crucial step in Iraq's return to independence.

Iraqi state television has been showing a clock with an Iraqi flag marking the time that remains until the US pull-out with the words: "June 30: National Sovereignty Day". The Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki who, although closely allied to the US, nevertheless calls its departure a "great victory", has declared today a national holiday.

US troops have mostly already left the towns and cities where they were once the predominant military force. For months, it has been uncommon to see US patrols on the streets in Baghdad, though they have been more visible in Mosul in northern Iraq where there is more fighting. More

AmeriKKKan troops are not leaving Iraq but Most US citizens support Iraq withdrawal plan


Le Pen's daughter in National Front victory

The French political establishment scrambled yesterday to try to block a significant electoral breakthrough by the daughter of the veteran far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen, 40, and her running-mate topped the poll on Sunday night's municipal by-election in Hénin-Beaumont, an impoverished former coal mining town near Lens in the Pas de Calais. Having won nearly 40 per cent of the votes cast in the first round, the Le Pens' National Front party is in a strong position to capture its first town hall for seven years in the run-off ballot this Sunday. It would be the first time that the ultra-nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-European party has taken control of a town council in the depressed industrial areas of northern France. Victory would also strengthen Mme Le Pen's chances of inheriting, and attempting to modernise the NF, when her 81-year-old father retires in the next two to three years.

All other French parties, from the far left to President Nicolas Sarkozy's centre right, appealed yesterday for the creation of a "republican front" to block Mme Le Pen this weekend. They appealed to all voters to support the independent, left-wing candidate, Daniel Duquenne, who came second in the first round with just over 20 per cent of the votes. More


Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?

Same strain of influenza was released by accident (?) three decades ago

It has swept across the world killing at least 300 people and infecting thousands more. Yet the swine flu pandemic might not have happened had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research laboratory in the late 1970s, according to a new study.

Scientists investigating the genetic make-up of flu viruses have concluded there is a high probability that the H1N1 strain of influenza “A” behind the current pandemic might never have been re-introduced into the human population were it not for an accidental leak from a laboratory working on the same strain in 1977.

Yesterday, the Department of Health announced a further surge in the number of cases in Britain with another 1,604 confirmed over the weekend, and the death of a girl in Birmingham with underlying medical complications; the third death in Britain from swine flu-related problems.

It has swept across the world killing at least 300 people and infecting thousands more. Yet the swine flu pandemic might not have happened had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research laboratory in the late 1970s, according to a new study. Independent


A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras

It is impossible to imagine that the US was not aware that the coup was in the works. At minimum, the US could have flexed its tremendous economic muscle before the coup and told the military coup plotters to stand down.

There is a lot of great analysis circulating on the military coup against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. I do not see a need to re-invent the wheel. (See here here here and here). However, a few key things jump out at me. First, we know that the coup was led by Gen. Romeo Vasquez, a graduate of the US Army School of the Americas. As we know very well from history, these “graduates” maintain ties to the US military as they climb the military career ladders in their respective countries. That is a major reason why the US trains these individuals.

Secondly, the US has a fairly significant military presence in Honduras. Joint Task Force-Bravo is located at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. The base is home to some 550 US military personnel and more than 650 US and Honduran civilians: More

US coup to cause war between Honduras
and Venezuela


Israel Kidnaps US Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney

Israeli Piracy & Kidnapping of Free Gaza Boat "Spirit of Humanity"


Today Israeli Occupation Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, including Noble laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. The passengers and crew are being forcibly dragged toward Israel.

“This is an outrageous violation of international law against us. Our boat was not in Israeli waters, and we were on a human rights mission to the Gaza Strip,” said Cynthia McKinney, a former U.S. Congresswoman and presidential candidate. “President Obama just told Israel to let in humanitarian and reconstruction supplies, and that’s exactly what we tried to do. We’re asking the international community to demand our release so we can resume our journey.”

According to an International Committee of the Red Cross report released yesterday, the Palestinians living in Gaza are “trapped in despair.” Thousands of Gazans whose homes were destroyed earlier during Israel’s December/January massacre are still without shelter despite pledges of almost $4.5 billion in aid, because Israel refuses to allow cement and other building material into the Gaza Strip. The report also notes that hospitals are struggling to meet the needs of their patients due to Israel’s disruption of medical supplies. More

Pictures of the boats and the deplorable conditions being endured by the Palestinian people.

Updates: http://twitter.com/IsraelConsulate


USraeli False Flag Terrorism in Iraq

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen in the US claims American intelligence sent Afghan mercenaries into Iraq, in order to attack the country's civilians and military personnel.

“I believe this is just a classic false flag terror attack,” said Madsen. “We know that the U.S. has had a long history with the Taliban going back to the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union.” More


Monday, 29 June 2009

Bestial savages Prepare F-15 Jets for Long Range Attack

The End of the Zionist Entity?

The Israel Air Force’s F-15 fleet is undergoing an upgrade, with systems that make it better equipped for complex long distance attack scenarios. The systems are being installed in both the F-15 and the F-15I -- a model of the F-15 that was developed by its U.S. manufacturer specifically for the IAF.

According to IDF journal BaMachaneh, the F-15I model is currently being fitted with two new systems – one called “Barad Pelada” (“Steel Hail”), and another named Lightning.

The Barad Pelada advanced weapons system has been operational in the IAF’s F-16s for almost four years, but had to be modified in order to fit the F-15.

Barad Pelada is an advanced Israeli armament that operates like a smart bomb. “The system is unique in that it is able to plan the bombing in an accurate way by identifying the target from above,” a knowledgeable source in the IAF explained. “After the identification, the system carries out guidance to the target and only then is impact made.” More

Israel attempts to stop S-300 air defense supplies to Iran

Israel gets the U$ billions, Madoff Gets 150 Years


The rape of Africa to Continue Under Obama

USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

Obama administration set to oversee significant increases in US security assistance programmes for African countries, Daniel Volman examines the US government's plans for its military operations on the African continent over the coming financial year. Stressing that the US president is essentially continuing the policies outlined under his predecessor George W. Bush, the author considers the proposed funding increases for initiatives like the Foreign Military Financing programme and the International Military Education and Training (IMET) programme. Pointing out that the administration is yet to offer any public explanation of its policy, Volman concludes that it would be a mistake to assume that there will be no US military action if the situation in Somalia deteriorates. More

The expansion of US military occupation on African soil
Africa will see an increase in the presence of US soldiers and weaponry on the continent of Africa, under the guise of humanitarian aid and capacity training for African militaries.


‘Go America Go’

USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

Rally demands end to US interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan

A mammoth ‘Go America Go’ rally organized here on Sunday by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chapter lambasted the USA for interference into Pakistani affairs and asked local rulers to shun toeing the US agenda and keep supreme the interests of Pakistani nation and country.

In a resolution, passed at the end of the Go America Go rally, the participants demanded immediate end to the US interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan. They said the root cause of all the problems facing Pakistan is this unwanted US meddling.

The US has even violated the sanctity of territories of Pakistan and killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in drone and missile attacks, but the rulers instead of raising voice against this hegemony are playing role of silent spectator.

The repeated US drone attacks have jeopardized the very sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. The participants demanded immediate halt US drone attacks besides ending US prying into the country’s affairs. The second resolution was pertaining to ‘Infrastructure Tax’ imposed by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK).

It was said that imposing a new tax in the name of infrastructure is sheer injustice with the Karachiites, adding city government instead of solving the problems of masses is increasing them. They termed new tax a sort of ‘extortion’ and demanded of the government to immediately withdraw it. Another resolution adopted by the rally, was regarding load shedding. The resolution described that power outages are worsening with each passing day. Source

We are not at war with Islam: Obama's Marines in position for Afghan offensive

We are not at war with Islam:'US forces attempt to hijack Iranian oil field'

We are not at war with Islam: Lebanon unmasks 4 al-CIA'da agents



USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

Never mind the waterboarding, here's the sodomy

"Yasser tearfully described that when he reached the top of the steps 'the party began…They started to put the [muzzle] of the rifle [and] the wood from the broom into [my anus]. They entered my privates from behind.' ...Yasser estimated that he was penetrated five or six times during this initial sodomy incident and saw blood 'all over my feet' through a small hole in the hood covering his eyes."

–Physicians for Human Rights, Broken Laws, Broken Lives: Medical Evidence of Torture by US Personnel and Its Impact

Waterboarding. It’s all we seem to discuss when comes to American torture. Whenever you see people discussing “enhanced interrogation” on your TV, chances are they’ll be throwing around the same tired arguments, all revoling around waterboarding. Why, of all the things we’ve done to our suspected (and not-so-suspected) terrorist detainees, is waterboarding the issue? Why confine the rapidly dwindling debate to that single technique? We’ve engaged in a lot of other practices that qualify universally as torture. Are sleep deprivation or “Palestinian hanging” not controversial enough? Is solitary confinement too mundane?

How about sodomy? Is that something we consider unremarkable? More

Cheney's Top Torture Lawyers Now Work for Obama

Bar Complaints Filed Against Rizzo and Fredman, Obama's Torture Lawyers


Obama wants Americans to pay taxes to the World Government

The United Nations is proceeding, with President Obama’s acquiescence, to implement a global plan to create a new international socialist order financed by global taxes on the American people.

The Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development that begins today will consider adoption of a document calling for “new voluntary and innovative sources of financing initiatives to provide additional stable sources of development finance...” This is U.N.-speak for global taxes. They are anything but “voluntary” for the people forced to pay them.

The most “popular” proposals, which could generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue for global purposes, involve taxes on greenhouse gas emissions and financial transactions such as stock trades.

The document was agreed to at an informal meeting of expert “facilitators” and was made available on June 22 at 3 p.m. It is doubtful that any changes will be made to it.

The conference was postponed from June 1-3 to June 24-26 at the U.N. in New York. While the “outcome document” has been watered down somewhat from the previous version, it still reaffirms attainment of the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals, which would require the payment of $845 billion from U.S. taxpayers. A commitment to the MDGs was a stated objective of the Global Poverty Act, which Barack Obama had introduced as a U.S. senator. It requires the U.S. to devote 0.7 percent of Gross National Income to foreign aid.

Now, as President, Obama can bypass the Congress and simply direct his Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice to approve the U.N. conference document. Then the pressure will be increased on Congress to come up with the money and satisfy our “international commitments.” More

Criminal Rothschilds



USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

The Central Intelligence Agency crucified a prisoner in Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, according to a report published in The New Yorker magazine.

“A forensic examiner found that he (the prisoner) had essentially been crucified; he died from asphyxiation after having been hung by his arms, in a hood, and suffering broken ribs,” the magazine’s Jane Mayer writes in the magazine’s June 22nd issue. “Military pathologists classified the case a homicide.” The date of the murder was not given.

“No criminal charges have ever been brought against any C.I.A. officer involved in the torture program, despite the fact that at least three prisoners interrogated by agency personnel died as a result of mistreatment,” Mayer notes.

An earlier report, by John Hendren in The Los Angeles Times indicted other torture killings. And Human Rights First says nearly 100 detainees have died in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hendren reported that one Manadel Jamadi died “of blunt-force injuries” complicated by “compromised respiration” at Abu Ghraib prison “while he was with Navy SEALs and other special operations troops.” Another victim, Abdul Jaleel, died while gagged and shackled to a cell door with his hands over his head.” Yet another prisoner, Maj. Gen. Abid Mowhosh, former commander of Iraq’s air defenses, “died of asphyxiation due to smothering and chest compression” in Qaim, Iraq.

"There is no question that U.S. interrogations have resulted in deaths," says Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU. "High-ranking officials who knew about the torture and sat on their hands and those who created and endorsed these policies must be held accountable. America must stop putting its head in the sand and deal with the torture scandal." At least scores of detainees in U.S. custody have died and homicide is suspected. As far back as May, 2004, the Pentagon conceded at least 37 deaths of prisoners in its custody in Iraq and Afghanistan had prompted investigations.

Nathaniel Raymond, of Physicians for Human Rights, told The New Yorker, “We still don’t know how many detainees were in the black sites, or who they were. We don’t fully know the White House’s role, or the C.I.A.’s role. We need a full accounting, especially as it relates to health professionals.” More

The Stories of the 774 Kidnapped & Detained in America’s Illegal Prisons
Billionaire Madoff tied to intelligence agencies
The source said Madoff would "pump money out of the system and dump it out to another place." When asked what that "other place" was, the source replied, "Israel."

Covering Up the Zionist 9/11 False Flag


To Get Someone to Say US Must Stay in Iraq, CNN Has to Find a Drunk Guy

USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

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Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S.

USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

At least two leaders of the coup launched in Honduras today were apparently trained at a controversial Department of Defense school based at Fort Benning, Georgia infamous for producing graduates linked to torture, death squads and other human rights abuses.

Leftist President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped and transported to Costa Rica this morning after a growing controversy over a vote concerning term limits. Over the last week, Zelaya clashed with and eventually dismissed General Romeo Vasquez -- who is now reportedly in charge of the armed forces that abducted the Honduran president.

According to the watchdog group School of Americas Watch, Gen. Vasquez trained at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation at least twice -- in 1976 and 1984 -- when it was still called School of Americas.

The Georgia-based U.S. military school is infamous for training over 60,000 Latin American soldiers, including infamous dictators, "death squad" leaders and others charged with torture and other human rights abuses. SOA Watch's annual protest to shut down the Fort Benning training site draws thousands.

According to SOA Watch, the U.S. Army school has a particularly checkered record in Honduras, with over 50 graduates who have been intimately involved in human rights abuses. In 1975, SOA Graduate General Juan Melgar Castro became the military dictator of Honduras. From 1980-1982 the dictatorial Honduran regime was headed by yet another SOA graduate, Policarpo Paz Garcia, who intensified repression and murder by Battalion 3-16, one of the most feared death squads in all of Latin America (founded by Honduran SOA graduates with the help of Argentine SOA graduates).

General Vasquez isn't the only leader in the Honduras coup linked to the U.S. training facility. As Kristin Bricker points out: More

Obama’s First Coup D’etat by Eva Golinger

The Smell of Mossad/Sayan involvement


Sunday, 28 June 2009

CIA Foreknowledge of Coup in Honduras

Manuel Zelaya Rosales, President of Honduras, was pulled out of his official residence at 3am this morning by the Honduran military. Tanks are in the streets of Tegucigalpa. Zelaya is said to have been shuffled off to Costa Rica, where he will ask for asylum.

It's a strange situation. Zelaya is a leftist, a Chavez-style populist (the Venezuela president is a big ally). He was at the end of his term, and like Chavez, was about to hold a referendum (today, Sunday) to change the Constitution to allow him to run for another term.

The coup, spearheaded by Honduras' top general Romeo Vasquez Velazquez, smells like CIA--and not surprisingly, that's what Hugo Chavez is telling the press. But here's the strange part: earlier yesterday, President Zelaya told a reporter from El Pais that unknown people from the US government had "made some phone calls" to head off a coup. "If I'm sitting here today in the President's office, it's thanks to the US." Here's the Q and A (or that is, the P and R) from El Pais: More

Assembly President strongly condemns 'attempted coup' in Honduras


Iranian Protest vs. London Protest

European and American image-consumers love such feisty expressions of democratic discontent; burning cars, throwing bricks, beating the crap out of riot police unlucky enough to come off their two-stroke motorbikes.

Because dissent is laudable overseas: At home it’s undemocratic.

You see, self-righteousness and anger as engines of change are exported, projected, displaced. In Iran we can admire the passion of Tehran’s glamorous youth (Playboy magazine is currently running a feature on Iran’s “Lipstick Revolution”); abhor the conservative clerics and watch the cars burning with a frisson of detached admiration.

God forbid such a thing happen on the streets of London.

Not so very long ago, there was a protest in England’s capital, as far as I recall. It wasn’t very violent: one window of one bank was smashed; no cars were burnt, no policeman beaten and the only things thrown were juggling balls. And not in anger.

The protestors largely rather politely demanded that the bankers who had run our financial institutions into the ground return their multimillion pound bonuses. Please. And that the leaders of the G20 push for jobs, fair distribution of wealth, and a low-carbon future.

For their pains, they had the crap beaten out of them by London’s Metropolitan police, who covered up their badge numbers, backhanded women across the face, punched protestors, dragged teenage girls backwards across the street by their hair and killed an onlooker after slamming his head into the pavement.

Britain’s political establishment praised the demonstrators for their civic mindedness and engagement in the democratic right to protest, and called roundly on the police to be accountable for their murder of an innocent bystander.

“Oh? Hold on a minute?” (Checks earpiece…) “They didn’t?” More


Activists Occupy the Empty 2nd Home of "Mr and Mrs Expenses"

Activists have moved into the vacant home of MP couple Ann and Alan Keen, also known as "Mr and Mrs Expenses", who were recently caught up in the MPs expenses row for claiming for two second homes.

The home, not one that the couple were claiming for, has been empty for nearly a year and was previously undergoing renovation work.

Activists, who found their way in through an open window, say they have occupied the house in protest at the number of people who the government cannot find accomodation for while homes go empty and MPs claim taxes for themselves.

The squatters have since greeted the local residents, who have lost patience with their MP, and invited them to a BBQ, which was donated by locals along with food and plenty of encouragement. More Pictures

Billions of US Taxpayers Hard-Earned Cash goes to corrupt Zionist Congress "Expenses"


US Terror: The 'Dirty Brigade'

USA does NOT fight Terrorism, USA is Terrorism

Secret US-equipped 'Dirty Brigade' in Iraq - an elite American-trained [death squad] - Iraqis call it "the dirty brigade." Its real name is the Counter Terrorism Bureau

Iraqi security services employ an elite, American-trained force [death squad] with a reputation that leads many Iraqis to call it "the dirty brigade." Its real name is the Counter Terrorism

The elite units, armed with high-tech U.S.-made equipment, often pair up with American special forces to go after Iraq's foes. Formed soon after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, the force became known as the "Dirty Brigade" because it was secretive and until recently operated outside the Iraqi chain of command, reporting directly to its U.S. handlers.

The little-known group was rumored to be used against the government's opponents in the political mainstream_ a charge denied by the Iraqis and the Americans.

The group is reported to have doubled in size to about 9,000 members and now reports directly to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. More


Zionist-Led EU Threatens Iran

The European Union has demanded the immediate release of Iranian staff at Britain's embassy in Tehran detained on Saturday over post-election unrest.

EU ministers meeting in Greece warned that "harassment or intimidation" of embassy staff would be met with a "strong and collective" response.

Iranian media reported the detention of eight local staff at the UK mission over their alleged role in the unrest.

UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband dismissed the allegations as baseless.

Relations between the countries are strained since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the UK of stoking post-election protests, which London denies. More

Zionist Sarkozy opens French military base in Abu Dhabi

Senator: Bush 'dead right' about 'World War III' with Iran

Secret move to upgrade British Diego Garcia air base for Iran attack plans

"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow."


EU's Lisbon Treaty fuels flames of dissent across continent

The Lisbon Treaty is expected to take a key step towards becoming law across the European Union this week when Germany's highest court rules that it is broadly compatible with the country's constitution.

The much-anticipated judgment will mean that only three out of the EU's 27 member states will still have to complete formal ratification of the treaty - Poland, the Czech Republic and Ireland.

The former two countries merely need their presidents' signatures on the legislation to finalise the process. Ireland, where voters rejected the Treaty last year, will stage a new referendum in October - with the government increasingly confident of a "Yes" vote this time round after the EU assured Ireland of its independence over taxation, security, defence, abortion, and workers' rights.

Politicians across Europe are now looking forward to a day when the controversial treaty gives the EU more streamlined institutions - with greater central power and, for the first time, a new "President of Europe" to represent all the member states around the world.

In Britain, the government has refused demands for a referendum - despite a pledge in Labour's 2005 general election manifesto to hold a public vote on the Lisbon Treaty's predecessor, the European Constitutional Treaty, which collapsed after being voted down in France and the Netherlands. More


Healthcare Hypocrisy

As an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama proudly called himself a proponent of single payer healthcare. But now that he's president, he won't even consider it as an option for the reform our healthcare system so desperately needs. What do you suppose happened between then and now?


Obama Issues Signing Statement On War Spending Bill...

Nader: Obama's Flip-Flop on Single Payer

CBO Says 36 Million Still Uninsured Ten Years From Now Under Most Robust Democratic Plan

Obama 2003 healthcare comment

Single Payer vs. Obama's "Public Option"
From Nick Skala, a single payer advocate on the front lines in Washington

Single Payer Action


I Want My Money Back, Mr Obama

I gave $20 a week for seven months, plus $60 every once in a while for a t-shirt and sticker. I gave of my modest purse joyfully. Once I add that all up, it makes a grand total of... $106 billion?! Wait a minute, I thought I was supporting change I could believe in, not more of the same bloodshed and war!

Betrayal is a part of life. After awhile, you just come to expect it. Yet, the initial shock always hits you as a surprise. Alas, the nature of betrayal. Humans are vulnerable to being betrayed because underneath our husky shells, our pain and hardened hearts, we are soft and trustful creatures. We want to believe in people.

I'm not that young, so I possess some cynicism. But I'm not that old either, so I manage some idealism. Sure, I am used to being betrayed by my government. But I thought my days of calling the White House in tears were over. To think that Barack Obama preyed on this naive hope in me and millions like me is unforgivable.

I expect the Republicans to throw money at the Military Industrial Complex. Yet, from the Democrats, I was promised a different direction (like OUT of the Middle East). Regrettably, there has been miniscule change. There is still nothing to believe in.

It is against my religion to say the Pledge of Allegiance. (I am a Christian so I pledge allegiance only to God.) I did, however, pledge my time and treasure to Barack Obama. On November 4, 2008, I danced in the streets waving the American Flag, feeling proud to be an American. I was pathetically close to bustin' out some Toby Keith ditties.

It's not just the $106 billion that makes me feel betrayed. It's not just the fact that Gitmo probably won't be shut down after all. It is not even the president's assurance to Republicans that he will not release the photos of detainee abuse. More

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Gore Vidal on the future

'I was born 80 years ago in a country called the United States of America and now I live in a Homeland -- an expression we haven't heard since Hitler.'


Souls as guarantee for Loans

A financial company in Latvia is offering residents loans secured by nothing but their immortal soul.

Riga-based firm, named Kontora, does not require credit history record or proof of employment. It grants loans of 50 to 500 Latvian lats ($100 to $1,000) to any adult after he or she signs a very short agreement.

According to the agreement, the only security required of the borrower is their immortal soul, which they are asked to confirm as their previously unmortgaged property.

The loan is subject to one percent per day in interest until full repayment.

The period of full repayment is 90 days, and in case the borrower fails to return the money, the creditor gets full possession of his soul. Mosnews


Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Plot, The Shooters and the Kill box

Do Sabbateans rule the U.S.? Can they assassinate a President and get away with it?
Cui Bono?
According to Leah Rabin's autobiography, her husband Yitzchak Rabin was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

In June of 1963, David Ben-Gurion resigned as Prime Minister of Israel, citing “personal reasons.” Some researchers believe, however, that he retired to focus on the upcoming November assassination of JFK. Supervising the Mossad hit team as it practiced in the Negev near his kibbutz. Why? Kennedy wanted to dismantle Israel's nuclear capability leaving her defenseless amidst her Arab enemies. This is just one reason of many.

Ehud Olmert,made a secret visit to New York City on September 10, 2001

Benjamin Netanyahu was in London on 7/7

America the Target of Israeli Terrorism

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Obama Issues Signing Statement On War Spending Bill

On Friday, President Obama signed a new war spending bill into law, but "not without taking a page from his predecessor and ignoring a few elements in the legislation," the Hill reports.

Obama included a five-paragraph signing statement with the bill, including a final paragraph that outlined his objections to at least four areas of the bill.

President George W. Bush was heavily criticized for his use of signing statements, declaring he'd ignore some elements of legislation by invoking presidential prerogative.

The Obama administration announced in the statement it would disregard provisions of the legislation that, among other things, would compel the Obama administration to pressure the World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards and require the Treasury department to report to Congress on the activities of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). More

The American Way of War

Gun Control: What is the Agenda?


The last days of the court of King Silvio

There is a sudden stench of decay coming off the court of King Silvio.

The faithful retainers who have stood by him for decades, and grown immensely rich as a result, are still at his side: the pianist who tinkled along behind his singing on the cruise ships, the Sicilian lawyer fighting a long sentence for mafia crimes, the lawyer who did time for bribing Roman judges on Mr Berlusconi's account; none of them has dropped even a hint of dissidence or doubt in their padrone. But on the fringes of the circle, the unstoppable gusher of revelation and innuendo about the dozens of beautiful young women who flocked to his homes for all-night parties is beginning to do him palpable damage.

It is no longer only his political enemies in the media who are drawing attention to the grotesque spectacle of a 72-year-old Prime Minister cavorting with bimbos young enough to be his granddaughters. This week, after a long, pregnant silence, powerful forces in the Catholic Church have begun to speak out against his excesses. First it was L'Avvenire (The Future), the daily paper of the Italian bishops, which asked the Prime Minister to give Italy "clarification" about what had been going on. More


In the File Cabinet of Dirty Deeds.

The Iranian revolution that never was, slipped out of the window in the dead of night, slithered through the silent streets, moving like a shadow casting itself against indifferent walls and arriving at the British Embassy, crawled through a sewer drain into the office of the ambassador and then curled up to sleep in The File Cabinet of Dirty Deeds.

The pretentious son of Reza ‘Savak’ Palavi lowered his trousers to half mast and mooned the blinded world with the neon-green handprints of Henry Kissinger on his ass.

Across town, two agents provocateur from the SAS, toasted each other for the murder of Neda Soltan. It’s all in a day’s work. It’s all in a day’s work. More

U.S. denied Iran official visa for U.N. meeting



Reportedly it was the CIA which killed Michael Jackson.

It was reported by the Times that a 'secret billionaire club' met in New York in May 2009.

This was attended by David Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Ted Turner. (The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies)

The meeting concentrated on ways to reduce the size of the world's population.

Ted Turner has publicly advocated population reduction programs that would reduce the human population by 95%.

As is documented in Alex Jones' film Endgame, Rockefeller's father, John D. Rockefeller, supported eugenics and bankrolled the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which became linked to Hitler and the Nazis. More

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Today marks the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, used the occasion to call on nations around the world to ratify and apply the UN convention against torture. More


US Air Terrorism kills 140 villagers

I almost believed "MSM" lies about how bad Iranians are

This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of USraeli Terrorism and should only be viewed by a mature audience. Seen here


Liar: Peace within reach if Israel compromises

Former British prime monster Tony Blair said Friday that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be within reach if Israel compromises on issues such as halting settlement expansion.

"There is a virtual consensus across the international community not just as to what needs to happen, but how...which was not the case a couple of years ago," Blair, who represents the Quartet of Middle East mediators, told Reuters.

"If Israel were to join that, we could get an agreement and an agreement in my view that protects completely the state of Israel."

Blair added that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election could prove a blessing, since his right-leaning government could have the domestic support to make concessions. More

Syria threatens to take back Golan by force

Tony Blair Wanted for War Crimes and War against Humanity:

Aliases: Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Bambi, Bush's Poodle

Age: Late 40's Build: Medium
Sex: Male Hair: Brown
Height: ?? Eyes:
Weight: xxx pounds Race: Whi

With the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia, British Prime Minister Tony Blair dropped more bombs on the country than the previous Conservative government did in 18 years. Blair now leads a government which attacks or invades countries without UN approval - the sending of British troops to Sierra Leone in the latest example Lawyers serve indictment on NATO leaders for war crimes

Tony Blair 'wanted Iraq inquiry in private'


Israel tries to block Jordan's signing of any nuclear cooperation

Israel is trying to block Jordan's bids to obtain nuclear technology for peaceful uses through agreements with the world's leading nuclear powers, the daily Alarab Alyawm reported Wednesday, citing a senior diplomat.

Over the past three years, Israel 'sought to obstruct the signing of any nuclear cooperation with Jordan,' the paper quoted an unnamed senior Jordanian diplomat as saying.

'Israeli agents were following closely the movements of the President of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), Khalid Touqan, and his discussions with concerned officials in other states of the world, and tried by all means to sway those countries not to sign cooperation agreements with Jordan,' the diplomat said.

'Israeli agents were following closely the movements of the President of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), Khalid Touqan, and his discussions with concerned officials in other states of the world, and tried by all means to sway those countries not to sign cooperation agreements with Jordan,' the diplomat said. More



Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed

Panelists warn of the revival of eugenics under Obama’s modern healthcare through the denial of care to millions who would be judged ‘not fit to live’, just as in Nazi Germany.

Historian Anton Chaitkin also alleges that Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, in working with Obama, has also called for the Hippocratic oath to be ‘junked.’



Friday, 26 June 2009

Barack Obama admits he still smokes

Despite signing the toughest anti-tobacco bill in over 25 years, he confirmed that he still lights up – but never in front of daughters Malia and Sasha.

"There are times where I mess up," Mr Obama said at a White House news conference. "As a former smoker I constantly struggle with it. Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes. Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker? No. I don't do it in front of my kids. I don't do it in front of my family," he said.

"I would say that I am 95 per cent cured."

Mr Obama had been urged to quit smoking by his wife Michelle during his 2008 election campaign.

But the pressure of battling Republican presidential candidate John McCain meant that under pressure he succumbed.

He did switch to nicotine patches in an attempt to wean himself of the habit he started when he was a teenager.

Mr Obama refused to say how many cigarettes he smokes or how often he lights up in the White House. More

Smoking is healthier than fascism


Whore House drafts executive order to allow indefinite detentions

The Obama administration, fearing a battle with Congress that could stall plans to close Guantanamo, has drafted an executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely, according to three senior government officials with knowledge of White House deliberations.

Such an order would embrace claims by former president George W. Bush that certain people can be detained without trial for long periods under the laws of war. Obama advisers are concerned that bypassing Congress could place the president on weaker footing before the courts and anger key supporters, the officials said.

After months of internal debate over how to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, White House officials are growing increasingly worried that reaching quick agreement with Congress on a new detention system may prove impossible. Several officials said there is concern in the White House that the administration may not be able to close the facility by the president’s January deadline. More


Tony Blair’s conscience is clear on 1 Million Murdered Iraqis

Unrepentant Tony Blair describes Iraq as 'a hassle' and claims his conscience is clear in revealing interview

Utterly unrepentant, a stranger to self-doubt and still insisting his conscience is clear - an unwittingly revealing interview with Tony Blair...

Washington. Snow piled neatly on the sidewalks, the sky an immaculate blue, the sun kissing the dome of the Capitol. And moving towards this architectural icon in a beetle-black motorcade, sirens wailing, is the entourage of Tony Blair, to which I have temporarily attached myself.

No wonder I suddenly find myself thinking of Blair not as what he is - just another suited dignitary on his way to chair a breakfast meeting - but as what he was: the Leader, the Boss. . . the man, to pinch from the Pooterish diary of his former minister, Chris Mullin.

This is a scene straight out of the movies. It's only later, when The Man requires tea, and all the cups on the buffet table are dirty, and no one is on hand to provide a fresh one, that I remember Gordon Brown. More

Mandelson 'Did Deal With Brown to Neuter Iraq Inquiry in Bid to Protect Blair's Name'


Swine flu made in USA

An American investigative journalist, who claims that swine flu strains have been engineered in two universities in the US and Canada, says they’ve been deliberately designed to resist vaccines.

1Million+ in US have had swine flu: official

$1.4 million a day on health care lobbyists


Iran Protesters Using U.S. Navy Internet Encryption Program

Iranians seeking to share videos and other eyewitness accounts of the demonstrations that have roiled their country since disputed elections two weeks ago are using an Internet encryption program originally developed by and for the U.S. Navy.

Designed a decade ago to secure Internet communications between U.S. ships at sea, The Onion Router, or TOR, has become one of the most important proxies in Iran for gaining access to Web sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

The system of proxy servers that disguise a user’s Internet traffic is now operated by a nonprofit, the Tor Project, that is independent from the U.S. government and military and is used all over the world.

According to the Tor Project, connections to TOR have gone up by 600 percent since mass protests erupted after the June 12 vote, which gave a purported landslide victory to incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"Over the past two weeks, we have seen a doubling to tripling of new client connections," Andrew Lewman, executive director of the Tor Project, told The Washington Times Thursday. "We are up to a thousand new clients a day." More


Israel deploys troops along Lebanese border

The Israeli army has deployed its Mirkava tanks and personnel-carriers along the Lebanese border, Lebanon's National News Agency says.

The deployment took place on Thursday along the barb-wired fence which separates the Shebaa Farms from other parts of Lebanese territories.

Israeli tanks were also gathering along a 5-km area, stretching from the Tallat Sobaih army post to Mount Hermon while sporadic gunfire was also heard throughout the day, the agency reported.

The Israeli air force also carried out a number of flights over the Shebaa Farms, al-Arqoub villages, Hasbaya, Marjayoun, western Bekaa and Iqlim al-Tuffah.

Shebaa Farms comprises of a group of 14 farms close to the poorly-defined border of Lebanon and Syria. The farms were captured from Syria during the Six-Day Israeli War in 1967.

Lebanon says that Israel must leave the Shebaa Farms area, which it says lies on Lebanese territory while Israel contests this claim. Israel says that Shebaa is part of Syria's territory and its fate should be discussed in future peace talks with Damascus. PressTV


Arrested Reporters Spying for U.S. CIA?

Why has former vice president Al Gore remained so publicly silent about the March 17 arrest by North Korean authorities of two female journalists working for his San Francisco-based network, Current TV? In early June, Laura Ling and Euna Lee were convicted of “grave crimes” for “the hostile activity of illegally entering North Korea.” Their sentence: 12 years of hard labor.

But much more exists beneath the surface of this story. On June 11, blogger David Drake posed a compelling question. Since Gore is ideologically copacetic with President Obama, and considering that his administration yearns for hard data regarding Kim Jung Il’s nuclear ambitions, what if “Obama needed some spies in North Korea, and Al Gore told him he had just the two people for the job”?

Drake continued, “What better cover for a spy than to claim to be a journalist?”

Whether actual or alleged journalists, on March 19 the Associated Press’s Jean H. Lee reported that the two women were arrested after “ignoring warnings to stop shooting footage of the reclusive country.” Evidence shows that they illegally crossed the border; then upped the ante when “they ignored orders to stop filming.” North Korean soldiers took them into custody. More


Obama Moves to Undermine Iran with CIA 's USAID “Democracy”

The Obama administration is moving forward with plans to fund groups that support Iranian dissidents, records and interviews show, continuing a program that became controversial when it was expanded by President Bush.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which reports to the secretary of state, has for the last year been soliciting applications for $20 million in grants to "promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Iran," according to documents on the agency's website. The final deadline for grant applications is June 30.

U.S. efforts to support Iranian opposition groups have been criticized in recent years as veiled attempts to promote "regime change," said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, the largest Iranian-American advocacy group. The grants enable Iran's rulers to paint opponents as tools of the United States, he said.

Although the Obama administration has not sought to continue the Iran-specific grants in its 2010 budget, it wants a $15 million boost for the Near Eastern Regional Democracy Initiative, which has similar aims but does not specify the nations involved. Some of that money will be targeted at Iran, said David Carle, a spokesman for the appropriations subcommittee that oversees foreign affairs. More

CIA/USAID Training Program


'Ark of the Covenant' about to be unveiled?

Ethiopian patriarch tells pope he will show artifact to world

The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world Friday the unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant, perhaps the world's most prized archaeological and spiritual artifact, which he says has been hidden away in a church in his country for millennia, according to the Italian news agency Adnkronos.

Abuna Pauolos, in Italy for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI this week, told the news agency, "Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries."

The announcement is expected to be made at 2 p.m. Italian time from the Hotel Aldrovandi in Rome. Pauolos will reportedly be accompanied by Prince Aklile Berhan Makonnen Haile Sellassie and Duke Amedeo D'Acosta. More

Moses writes his own obituary: Is The Bible God's Word?


Torture Survivors Against Torture

Torturers' torture report is delayed again - two weeks in a row


Zionist Rothschild and Freshfields founders’ had links to slavery, papers reveal

Two of the biggest names in the City of London had previously undisclosed links to slavery in the British colonies, documents seen by the Financial Times have revealed.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the banking family’s 19th-century patriarch, and James William Freshfield, founder of Freshfields, the top City law firm, benefited financially from slavery, records from the National Archives show, even though both have often been portrayed as opponents of slavery.

Far from being a matter of distant history, slavery remains a highly contentious issue in the US, where Rothschild and Freshfields are both active.

Companies alleged to have links to past slave injustices have come under pressure to make restitution. More

More about the Zionist Rot:

rothschilds_.jpg image by micomputer

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CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

The United States may have been behind the killing of Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year-old Iranian woman whose fatal videotaped shooting Saturday made her a symbol of opposition to the June 12 presidential election results, the country's ambassador to Mexico said Thursday.

"This death of Neda is very suspicious," Ambassador Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri said. "My question is, how is it that this Miss Neda is shot from behind, got shot in front of several cameras, and is shot in an area where no significant demonstration was behind held?"

He suggested that the CIA or another intelligence service may have been responsible.

"Well, if the CIA wants to kill some people and attribute that to the government elements, then choosing women is an appropriate choice, because the death of a woman draws more sympathy," Ghadiri said.

In response, CIA spokesman George Little said, "Any suggestion that the CIA was responsible for the death of this young woman is wrong, absurd and offensive."

Though the video appeared to show that she had been shot in the chest, Ghadiri said that the bullet was found in her head and that it was not of a type used in Iran.

"These are the methods that terrorists, the CIA and spy agencies employ," he said. "Naturally, they would like to see blood spilled in these demonstrations, so that they can use it against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is of the common methods that the CIA employs in various countries." More


Michael Jackson Is Pop King Of Sick Fucking Country

Or, was.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mission: bomb the F*****G Moon

'Every time we bomb a corner of planet earth we get complaints and street protests... So we've decided to blow the F*****G Moon for blowing things' sake!"

NASA will tomorrow launch a spectacular mission to...

Bomb the Moon! [To Shock-and-Awe those Eyeranian and show them we can dig big holes...)

Their LCROSS mission will blast off from Cape Canaveral, bankrupt Florida, carrying a missile that will blast a hole in the lunar surface at twice the speed of a bullet. (Wow!)

The missile, a Centaur rocket, will be steered by a shepherding spacecraft that will guide it towards its target - a crater close to the Moon's south pole.

Scientists (?) expect the blast to be so powerful that a huge plume of debris will be ejected. (Just like they did the The World Trade Center Towers! Blowing things up is USSA Trade Mark!)

The attack on Moon is not a declaration of war or act of wanton vandalism (It's F*****G dangerous junk science). Space scientists want to see if any water ice or vapour is revealed in the cloud of debris. [So we can bottle it and sell it to you assholes. "Gee... Moon Water Cola tastes out of this world!]

Though the Moon mostly a dry airless desert, they believe ice could be trapped in crater shadows near the south pole which never receive any sunlight. If so it could provide vital supplies for a manned moonbase. More science


How Western media backs green revolution in Iran

The European Union has rejected Irans accusations that the Western media helped engineer post-election unrest as protests in Tehran continue.

US Has Spies On the Ground in Iran

Iran's manufactured revolution:

I hate to say it but to all the dreamers in the western press who say that Iran will never be the same – lines lifted from protests past, from Ukraine to Burma to Lebanon – once all the debris is swept up, the Islamic republic will probably look eerily similar to how it looked before the presidential election.

"Whatever happens from this point on, nothing will ever be the same in Tehran," wrote Bernard-Henri Levi. "Whatever happens now, all is changed utterly in Iran," gushed Roger Cohen. Really? The theocratic leaders of Iran really will turn to YouTube, scratch their heads at the sight of the protests, and see the error of their theocratic ways?

Westerners love to overstate the importance of street demonstrations abroad. In our eyes anyone flashing the local equivalent of a v-sign salute represents all that is decent and democratic in the world. But we do them a disservice by raising false hopes and proclaiming their every protest as the next velvet revolution.

Regimes do not collapse as easily as we think. There were similar pronouncements that the junta in Burma was finished after hundreds of saffron-clad monks took to the streets a few years back. Well, guess what happened: not much. The junta continues to clamp down on the opposition. More


MoD blocks Wikileaks

Whistleblower site made off-limits to personnel after publishing operations manuals used by troops

The Ministry of Defence is trying to block all internet access to the whistleblowing site Wikileaks from thousands of its own computers after discovering that dissidents have been using it to leak copies of British military manuals.

Newly obtained MoD emails reveal alarm over the discovery that Wikileaks is freely publishing manuals that are used by patrols in Iraq.

One email says: "There are thousands of things on here, I literally mean thousands. Not just UK MoD but other places as well. Everything I clicked on to do with MoD was 'restricted' ... It is huge."

Dismay was sparked by the discovery that Wikileaks had posted copies of a 2007 manual on UK tactics for Iraq and Afghanistan, and a handbook on Istar (intelligence surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) on its website.

The Iraq "stability operations" manual contains details on how to organise roadblocks, conduct searches and tackle suicide bombers, advising: "Immediate incapacitation of the suicide bomber, using lethal force, is likely to be the only means of stopping him." More


Disclaimer and Fair use