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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Activists Occupy the Empty 2nd Home of "Mr and Mrs Expenses"

Activists have moved into the vacant home of MP couple Ann and Alan Keen, also known as "Mr and Mrs Expenses", who were recently caught up in the MPs expenses row for claiming for two second homes.

The home, not one that the couple were claiming for, has been empty for nearly a year and was previously undergoing renovation work.

Activists, who found their way in through an open window, say they have occupied the house in protest at the number of people who the government cannot find accomodation for while homes go empty and MPs claim taxes for themselves.

The squatters have since greeted the local residents, who have lost patience with their MP, and invited them to a BBQ, which was donated by locals along with food and plenty of encouragement. More Pictures

Billions of US Taxpayers Hard-Earned Cash goes to corrupt Zionist Congress "Expenses"



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