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Friday, 26 June 2009

Arrested Reporters Spying for U.S. CIA?

Why has former vice president Al Gore remained so publicly silent about the March 17 arrest by North Korean authorities of two female journalists working for his San Francisco-based network, Current TV? In early June, Laura Ling and Euna Lee were convicted of “grave crimes” for “the hostile activity of illegally entering North Korea.” Their sentence: 12 years of hard labor.

But much more exists beneath the surface of this story. On June 11, blogger David Drake posed a compelling question. Since Gore is ideologically copacetic with President Obama, and considering that his administration yearns for hard data regarding Kim Jung Il’s nuclear ambitions, what if “Obama needed some spies in North Korea, and Al Gore told him he had just the two people for the job”?

Drake continued, “What better cover for a spy than to claim to be a journalist?”

Whether actual or alleged journalists, on March 19 the Associated Press’s Jean H. Lee reported that the two women were arrested after “ignoring warnings to stop shooting footage of the reclusive country.” Evidence shows that they illegally crossed the border; then upped the ante when “they ignored orders to stop filming.” North Korean soldiers took them into custody. More



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