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Friday, 26 June 2009

Tony Blair’s conscience is clear on 1 Million Murdered Iraqis

Unrepentant Tony Blair describes Iraq as 'a hassle' and claims his conscience is clear in revealing interview

Utterly unrepentant, a stranger to self-doubt and still insisting his conscience is clear - an unwittingly revealing interview with Tony Blair...

Washington. Snow piled neatly on the sidewalks, the sky an immaculate blue, the sun kissing the dome of the Capitol. And moving towards this architectural icon in a beetle-black motorcade, sirens wailing, is the entourage of Tony Blair, to which I have temporarily attached myself.

No wonder I suddenly find myself thinking of Blair not as what he is - just another suited dignitary on his way to chair a breakfast meeting - but as what he was: the Leader, the Boss. . . the man, to pinch from the Pooterish diary of his former minister, Chris Mullin.

This is a scene straight out of the movies. It's only later, when The Man requires tea, and all the cups on the buffet table are dirty, and no one is on hand to provide a fresh one, that I remember Gordon Brown. More

Mandelson 'Did Deal With Brown to Neuter Iraq Inquiry in Bid to Protect Blair's Name'



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