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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Whistleblower Who Exposed Kabul Embassy Guards Lewd Behavior Forced to Resign

The watchdog organization Project On Government Oversight (POGO) revealed Thursday that a whistleblower who disclosed to the group the deviant behavior carried out by U.S. Embassy guards stationed in Kabul was forced to resign from the security firm that employed him and the guards he exposed.

The unnamed whistleblower worked for ArmorGroup, a firm hired by the State Department to protect diplomats and embassy staff. POGO’s investigation uncovered widespread debauchery committed by embassy guards who worked for the company.

POGO obtained photographs showing the guards partying with hookers and in various stages of undress. POGO said the guards live and work in a “Lord of Flies” environment, referring to the 1954 novel about British adolescents stranded on an island. The photographs can be accessed here. More



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