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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Georgia Confronts 'Imperialist Monster'

President Saakashvili said there were certain forces in Europe “irritated” with Georgia’s resistance to "imperialistic threat.”

“Georgia is in existential struggle; struggle for freedom… development and de-occupation,” he told the Georgian diplomats in Tbilisi on September 8.

Georgian ambassadors were gathered for a two-day annual meeting to identify priorities of the Georgian diplomatic missions abroad.

“The fact that the Georgian state survived in this aggression [last August], that it now managed to move on the path of development – although slowly and difficultly; the fact that it managed to endure the global economic crisis with the least losses – all these are changing order in our region and are having serious influence on the world political order,” Saakashvili said.

“Of course it causes extreme infuriation of imperialistic forces in Moscow and it makes our life harder, because we have to permanently confront this imperialistic monster; but we are keeping calm and try not to make this factor influence our economic development and our citizens’ everyday life.”

“Our enemy has serious leverages,” he continued. “Despite the crisis it anyway has enough money to exert serious financial influence including on certain political circles in Europe and serious [influence] on the press; ideological war is ongoing against us; war is on against us in the international organizations and in various political institutions.” More



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