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Friday, 21 August 2009

'We should be proud of DNA database'

The debate over the retention of DNA profiles has reignited after Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, successfully had his removed. Writing for The Daily Telegraph, Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, insists we should be proud of the technology.

We in the UK are proud that we are leading the world on the application of science and technology to tackle crime and criminality.

The use of profiles stored on the National DNA Database is a prime example of how police harness the power of technology in order to tackle crime, protect the public and bring offenders to justice.

We know that between April 1998 and September 2008, there were over 390,000 crimes with DNA matches, providing the police with a lead on the possible identity of the offender. In 2007-08, 17,614 crimes were detected in which a DNA match was available. They included 83 homicides, 184 rapes and a further 15,420 additional detections. More



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