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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

U.S. Jews: Ted Kennedy's death is a loss for the Jewish people

Israel and U.S. Jews on Wednesday expressed sorrow over the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy who died at age 77 on Tuesday night following a battle with cancer.

In tribute to the late senator, President Shimon Peres said Kennedy was a particularly respected leader with an interest in helping society, and added that his death was a great loss for every thoughtful person in the world.

"Kennedy was a clear friend of Israel the whole way, and in every place that he could help us he did help," he added.

The UJC/ Jewish Federations of North America, a leading Jewish advocacy and charitable organization, called Kennedy's death "a loss for the Jewish people and our nation."

William C. Daroff, vice president for public policy and director of the UJC/The Jewish Federation of North America's Washington office, released a statement terming Senator Kennedy a 'good friend' to the Jewish community worldwide: More



Blogger ed said...

The Lion…Err Dog of the Senate.
“Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers.
The accident at Chappaquiddick displayed his chronic immaturity. One problem Teddy has always had was keeping it in his pants – even when other people are around.”
- Cleo O’Donnell – wife of former Kennedy campaign aide.
Check out my take, and stick around for more good content.

27 August 2009 at 07:45  

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