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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Settlement cat out of the bag

The Jewish House Party chairman, Daniel Herschkowitz, made official what everyone knows: many “illegal” outposts are built with full government support and approval in order to grab strategic hilltops from the Palestinians. Through municipalities, the government pays for roads and power lines to the outposts.

Scores of ministers and MKs protested Netanyahu’s acceptance of Obama’a settlment freeze. Bibi’s move is not that wrong: during the nine-month moratorium, settlers will complete 2,500 housing units without hindrance, and be ready to start new construction.

The freeze is not a done deal: Obama and the Palestinians need an official stop to East Jerusalem construction, which Netanyahu cannot offer. Abbas has hardened his position because he cannot sign peace, anyway, as there is Hamas. Arab countries have taken hardline positions because they want Obama to concentrate on Iran and dump the peace process for now. http://samsonblinded.org/news/settlement-cat-out-of-the-bag-13260



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