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Monday, 24 August 2009

More Proof of Israeli Support of International Terror

Manila detains ship smuggling Israeli weapons into the Philippines

Philippine authorities have seized a Panama-registered cargo ship and its crew after the vessel was found to contain crates of assault rifles when it docked at a local port without prior notice, officials said yesterday.

Customs and coast guard officials boarded the 5,421 gross ton ship on Thursday and found five crates containing 50 Israeli-made Galil assault rifles, they said. Ten empty crates were also found.

The ship came in to the Mariveles port, northwest of the capital. The ship just docked at the port of Mariveles without any prior notice, which made port and customs officials suspicious, said coast guard spokesman Armand Balilo. More

Authorities in the Philippines have seized a cargo ship sailing under Panamanian flags for alleged weapons trafficking. On board the ship, the 'Captain Ufuk', were 14 cases loaded with assault rifles manufactured in Israel, which were probably destined to rebel groups or criminal organisations in the Philippines. The Coast Guard intercepted the cargo ship when it entered the Port of Mariveles without prior warning, at the entrance of the Bay of Manila. According to documents on the ship, the 'Captain Ufuk' departed from Turkey and stopped in Indonesia before continuing to the Philippines. The South African captain and 12 crew members, all Georgian nationals, were arrested and are now awaiting trial. Source




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