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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Guantanamo, the USSA and the Geneva Conventions

The United States continues to violate the Geneva Conventions at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

That’s the verdict of a new report by a British group that’s been studying the detention center almost from its establishment as a terror prison. The report was a response to a Pentagon report saying the conventions were being met, though suggesting detainees be given more religious freedom and social interaction.

The British group, Reprieve is admittedly anti-Guantanamo. But they come to their aversion honestly:

Reprieve is a human rights and legal advocacy group and they’ve studied Guantanamo closely. They work to get people out of there. They work with released detainees.

Their report offers several very solid reasons why this nation shouldn’t continue to hold terror suspects on foreign soil.

In fact, this report is a strong case for moving Gitmo detainees to either Ft. Leavenworth or Michigan, the two potential replacement sites leaked by the Obama administration recently.

America has too much to lose by keeping Guantanamo open. Worldwide, it stands for much that the American ideal rejects. It stands against the rule of law, human rights, and individual freedoms. The most valuable asset in the American quiver worldwide has long been its standing, on moral high ground, as a beacon for freedom. More

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