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Monday, 3 August 2009

Avian Swine Flu created by the CIA

"On Friday, NPR reported that the deadly swine flu combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before, thus leading us to suspect it was cooked up in a lab.

Swine flu panic is spreading in Mexico and soldiers are patrolling the streets after it was confirmed that human to human transmission is occurring and that the virus is a brand new strain which is seemingly affecting young, healthy people the worst. Questions about the source of the outbreak are also being asked after a public health official said that the virus was cultured in a laboratory.

This strain of swine influenza thats been cultured in a laboratory is something thats not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza thats been identified, said Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director

Medical Director Admits That This Strain of Swine Flu Was Cultured In A Laboratory:

Truckers transporting bird flu

It is now becoming clear why there are over 500 FEMA concentration camps all over america with millions of plastic coffins..."


Swine Flu in the UK
New Evidence: That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made



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