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US military spreading death

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Afghanistan conflict could last 40 years

says General Sir David Richards, the new head of the British Army believes the West's mission to stabilise Afghanistan might take as long as 40 years.

General Sir David Richards' prediction came as three more British soldiers, part of an elite Special Forces unit, were killed by an improvised explosive device in southern Afghanistan.

The three men, members of the Special Forces Support Group, died when the vehicle they were travelling in was struck by an explosion near Lashkar Gah in Helmand province. A fourth member of the unit survived the attack but was last night in critical condition.

The SFSG was formed in 2006. Built around 1 Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, its members also include Royal Marines and men from the RAF Regiment.

It is part of an integrated UK Special Forces Group that also includes the SAS, the SBS and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, all of whom are active in Afghanistan alongside more than 9,000 regular British troops. More

Who will be the last to die for this mistake?

Three Paras killed in Afghanistan named

Dead Para was engaged, due to become a father

Three British special forces troops killed in Afghanistan



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