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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Those Barbaric Afghans

Video of Captured U.S. Soldier

Video of Captured Afghanis

President Obama slowly walked across the grounds of Cape Coast Castle, a slave outpost in Ghana where hundreds of thousands of Africans were shipped as human cargo to a life of bondage in the United States, South Africa and the Caribbean.

“You almost feel as if the walls can speak. You try to project yourself into these incredibly harrowing moments,” Obama told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

When the president reached the “Door of No Return,” an arched gateway with thick doors that would shut behind African men, women and children before they were forced onto slave ships, Obama looked out over the Atlantic Ocean where waves crashed onto rocks. “Obviously there’s a sense of what a profound sorrow must’ve been felt as people were hauled off into the great unknown,” he said.

What does he tell his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, about slavery?

“You try to explain that people were willing to degrade others because they appeared differently,” Obama said.

He obviously forgot to tell his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, about the Muslims tortured slaves Daddy is degrading in 21st century America. He forgot to tell them about Daddy's Guantanomos, Bagrams, Black Sites, Prison Ships and Secret Gulags across the planet....

CIA ordered to speed up release of torture report
On Wednesday, the Federal judge overseeing the American Civil Liberty Union’s Freedom of Information Act request for CIA information pertaining to the destruction of interrogation videotapes ordered CIA to release its 2004 Inspector General report on CIA torture and interrogation not later than August 24.

An earlier decision by the judge had set August 31 as the deadline for release of the IG report, after several earlier postponements.

Marcy Wheeler of the firedoglake blog opined that presiding judge Alvin K. Hellerstein is becoming impatient with the foot-dragging of administration attorneys. In court pleadings, Federal attorneys have argued over the past five months or so that CIA—with an estimated 20,000 employees and global reach—and Department of Justice—with a national presence and over 112,500 employees—just don’t have adequate time or resources to review and declassify the IG report and its supporting documents.



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