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US military spreading death

Friday, 3 July 2009

Soldiers are on the streets

Remember, we human beings are the creator force and collectively we decide our fate. If wars we want, wars we will assuredly get.

Only we don’t really want wars do we? What is happening at a more profound (unseen) level is that we are being cajoled, by cunning means, into allowing wars to go on indefinitely.

Armed Forces Day is another propaganda mission seeking public consent for the continuation of wars.

“Two-thirds of the British public think not enough is being done to recognise the sacrifice of armed forces personnel killed in Iraq, a survey suggests.” So says a BBC article from March 7 last year. A meagre 2,082 were asked questions in that survey - and what questions were they actually asked I wonder?

Just two days later, another BBC article appears entitled ‘Calls grow for Armes Forces Day’. How quickly the ball rolls! “Senior military commanders, MPs and families of service personnel killed in war have lent their support to calls for an Armed Forces Day to be created.”

How many of those people knew the die was already cast?

By May 19 there was no stopping the BBC: More

Prince and PM praise soldiers' bravery



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