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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Can the Czechs save OUR freedom?

The very thought of Tony Blair as 'President of Europe' may appall many of us.

But across the Channel various heads of government think he might fit if such a post comes to be created by the Lisbon Treaty, alongside its transfer of more chunks of sovereignty to Brussels.

Whether that process is completed is more algebra than arithmetic. And one of the unknowns is the flexibility of David Cameron's vertebrae.

Britain is already signed up to the Treaty by Gordon Brown. But two barriers remain to this proposed leap forward towards a European single state: Ireland and the Czech Republic.

The Irish will have their second referendum in October, following concessions from the EU. The combined might of the Dublin and Brussels propaganda machine may well secure a Yes.

That would leave President Vaclav Klaus as our only saviour. Here we have what must surely rank as one of the greatest of historical ironies.

The wheel has turned 180 degrees since Munich, more than 70 years ago, only this time it is our national sovereignty, or what is left of it, which is in the hands of a Czech president. More



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