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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Picture No More Torture

President Obama refuses to release pictures of prisoners abused while in U.S. custody. Veterans For Peace calls on the President to “release the photos!”

We are collecting hundreds of pictures of people including veterans, kids, teachers, etc and will be adding the photos to this website and also sending each and every photo to the White House!

Why release the pictures?

  • We have a right to know what the U.S. government has done in our name.
  • We the U.S. public must access the proper course of action to take regarding the use of torture as a policy of our government. We need all available information to be fully informed citizens.
  • Releasing the photos will show that the U.S. is not hiding behind the rhetoric of national security and give the world confidence that our government can be trusted.
  • Candidate Obama promised transparency in his administration and President Obama should live up to his promises.
  • Releasing the photos will help restore U.S. credibility around the world. More



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