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Thursday, 2 July 2009

On the eve of a trip to Moscow, Barack Obama chided Vladimir Putin

Obama: Putin is keeping 'one foot in the old ways' President chides Russia's PM but says Dmitry Medvedev understands that cold war behaviour is outdated

On the eve of a trip to Moscow, Barack Obama chided Vladimir Putin, Russia's prime minister, today for keeping "one foot in the old ways of doing business". By contrast, he said Putin's handpicked successor as president understands that cold war behaviour is outdated.

In a White House interview with The Associated Press, the president said he will meet with both Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president, on his trip, in hopes they can "move in concert in cooperating with us on some critical issues."

On an important domestic issue, Obama said the US supreme court was "moving the ball" on affirmative action in this week's decision favouring white firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut, but he added that the court had not ruled out the use of racial preferences. "I don't think that hiring on the basis of race ... alone is constitutionally plausible," said Obama, a former teacher of constitutional law.

He spoke sympathetically at one point of the white firefighters, who said they had been discriminated against: "I've always believed that affirmative action was less of an issue or should be less of an issue than it has been made out to be in news reports." More

Putin vs. Russian-Israeli Mafia

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