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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Obama’s Czars “R” US

America’s fascination with power and supreme dominion over the world has hatched up an unquenchable need for titles and wars, in a country with a new aristocracy personified by the corrupt leaders of large corporations who turned politicians.

The need for identity has thrusted America into unfettered yearning for its colonial English masters. Titles and wars help evoke in people a pseudo-sense of majesty and power, which in turn help create a thirst for the new royalty and nobility. Royal events are incessantly covered by our corporate media reviving a fake sense of nostalgia to the good old times where kings and Czars ruled with an iron hand. Our alleged democratic leaders have purposefully reincarnated the old Roman Czar system in order to create a mental nexus of the American Empire to the Roman one into the gullible minds of the proles. This strategy has rendered the ignorant and the nostalgic population into desperate herds that will follow their shepherds into the abyss. As a result, the public is directly endorsing the return of these futile titles and costly positions.

"There've been so many czars over last 50 years in America , and they've all been failures," said Paul Light, an expert on government at New York University . "Nobody takes them seriously anymore." More



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