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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Madoff heading to America's "Jewish" Prison

Madoff to join spy Jonathan Pollard and other Jewish Criminals, Butner is called "B'nai Butler."

As a Jewish inmate in a federal prison, I have a somewhat unique vantage point from which to observe the success of faith-based programs (“Bush Plans to Introduce Christian Rehab Program In Federal Prison System,” June 27).

“On the street,” to use the local vernacular, I was one of three rabbis in a congregation of 2,000 families; here, I am rabbi of a much smaller, but no less important, congregation. We are 18 inmates strong: 11 North American Jews, two Cuban Jews and five men who are in various stages of choosing to become Jewish.

Working in the chaplain’s office allows me to be an informal liaison between the chaplain and the “B’nai Butner,” as we call our prison’s congregation. It also allows me to observe — and applaud — the wonderful impact of Christianity upon the lives of so many of my fellow inmates. More



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