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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Lesson #3 It Does Go all the Way to the Top

This is a continuation of the series, "Illuminati Profiles". My personal experience with Illuminati mind slaves.

PROFILE: Jill Beard claimed she was from California and related to a member of the Beach Boys. Her husband was Mike Beard. You could tell that, in her younger years, she was probably attractive. Her son was on the "modeling" circuit. Often, these runway shows were actually ways to model children forced into prostitution to the Global Elite. Pick out one you like and place your order. Her daughter was obese and failing every subject in school (I saw her report card).

ILLUMINATI ROLE: Alleged "Monarch" programmed sex slave, breeder, infiltrator and high level child prostution.

That's when I was visited by two "Secret Service Agents". For the unitiated, the Secret Service has two roles. One is to prosecute counterfeiters. The other is to defend and protect the POTUS (President of the United States). They never said anything about "funny money" but they did tell me that if I pursued criminal charges against Jill Beard I would have the Secret Service and the Federal Government to deal with. More



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