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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Axis of Evil Air Forces Prepare for Iran Attack

US, Israeli and British Air Forces in big war game over Nevada

Southern Nevadans were warned last week that 62 warplanes would take off twice a day from Nellis Air Force Base, home of 414th Combat US Training Squadron northwest of Las Vegas in the latest 11-day Red Flag exercise. They would see (and hear) Israeli and US Air force fighter-bombers in dogfights and bombing raids.

DEBKAfile's militarys sources say the size of the Nellis air base, 111 kilometers long by 190 kilometers broad, enables large groups of aircraft to practice combat missions in wide spaces unavailable to their air crews at home.

A large number of Israeli F-16C fighter-bombers from IAF Squadron 110 are taking advantage of the opportunity for mock combat drills in large groups and bombing missions with live ordnance. They flew in directly from home base, refueling on the way.

The group is split in two - friendly "Blue Air" and enemy "Red Air" - to practice "Red Flag Measurement and Debriefing system" - RFMDS - which simulates real combat conditions.

US F-16CGs of the Ohio Air National Guard will join Israeli craft in interdict missions for intercepting and downing enemy planes. Also taking part are US E-3 spy planes and US and British 135 transports.

DEBKAfile's military sources report that the Nevada exercise, which ends July 24, is not related to any Israeli plans for striking Iran's nuclear facilities except from affording its air crews valuable experience in flight and combat over broad spaces. Mossad's Debkafile

The Iran war planned before 9/11

Today, America and Israel’s wars of aggression are preceded by years of propaganda and international meetings, so that by the time the attack comes it is an expected event, not a monstrous surprise attack with its connotation of naked aggression.



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