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"What good fortune for those in power that the people do not think." --Adolf Hitler

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The Zionists represent the most dangerous thing that the human race has ever faced, and unless we begin to find ways to drive these bestial savages back into oblivion, then we are ALL doomed.

The Jewish Peril is real

The "Forgery" (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) is master-plan for vast restructuring of society, creation of a new oligarchy and subjugation of millions.

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Al-Qaeda planning BS against Britain

Daily dose of Al-Qaeda BS: (Pressure grows for a 7/7 inquiry)

Al-Qaeda is intent on using the internet to launch a cyber-warfare campaign against Britain, Lord West, the Security Minister, has warned. Rule by fear

'If I didn't confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife' claims torture victim

Al-Qaeda is also involved in
Fraud Inquiry Into £100m Hole in London Development Agency’s Olympic Accounts,

MP's Expenses Frauds,

BBC Expenses Frauds...

London Bombings in 10 Easy Steps

London Mastermind is MI6 Agent

"Whoever is in power in Downing Street , whether Conservatives, Radicals, Coalitionists or pseudo-bolsheviks, the International Jew rules the roost" (Leo Maxse, Editor National Review, Aug . 1919)



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