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US military spreading death

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Vietnam has ominous echoes for president stuck in unwinnable war

Influential voices in America are warning Barack Obama that he is in danger of sliding into a Vietnam-style quagmire in Afghanistan that could bog down his presidency just as Vietnam ruined Lyndon Johnson’s.

In the 1960s, Johnson believed he had no choice but to fight communism in Vietnam; 40 years on, Obama has portrayed Afghanistan as a war of necessity to defeat terrorism.

“The similarities to Vietnam are ominous,” Wesley Clark, the retired general and former commander of Nato, wrote in the New York Daily News. “There, too, an insurgency was led and supported from outside the borders of the state . . . There, too, sanctuaries across international borders stymied US military efforts.”

Clark’s comments came as Obama prepares to receive a request from his top commander, General Stanley McChrystal, for more troops. More

Pictures of dying marine bring war home to America
Angry debate in US as agency releases picture of dying marine in Afghanistan
- Thousands of pictures of dying Afghans don't mean a thing



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