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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Scandal over CIA's tortures helps Obama

A scandal has broken out in the United States over another declassified report on the CIA's tough methods of interrogation of suspected terrorists. This report was kept secret for five years.

Strange as it may seem, but Dick Cheney, a high-ranking official of the George W. Bush administration, was one of the initiators of its publication. Apparently, the former vice president wanted to show how effectively the CIA worked after the 9/11 attacks.

But the expectations of the Republican Cheney did not fully materialize. His intention had hardly been to smear the CIA. The Democrats did not want this either, but they brilliantly used Cheney's idea against his former boss's administration.

For the first time, this scandal over interrogation methods played into Barrack Obama's hand a year before the elections, when the Democrats were not doing that well. John McCain left his rival far behind and was confidently preparing for the decisive battles. The Democrats needed a serious trump. Obama's constant references to U.S. military setbacks in Iraq did not produce the desired effect any longer, and the Democrats opened a "second front." The destruction of taped tortures by the CIA was revealed and caused a scandal. According to available information, these tapes had existed but were destroyed for security reasons. The results exceeded all expectations. Since then illegal interrogation methods have surfaced whenever Obama's rating leaves much to be desired.

There is a clear link between the popularity of the U.S. president and new details of this scandal. Now the president's rating has fallen to a record low, which means that it is time to recall "the atrocities" of his predecessor's team. But this posing as a humanist has gone too far, and threatens to get out of control. More



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