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Saturday, 12 September 2009

The S-300: a potent weapon and diplomatic bargaining counter

The S-300 missile system is both a highly sophisticated defence against air attack and a potent diplomatic bargaining chip.

Considered at least as effective as the American Patriot, this surface-to-air missile shield can track 100 targets and destroy an aircraft at a range of over 90 miles.

Iran has long coveted the S-300 as a means of protecting its vital nuclear facilities against attack from anything except the most advanced stealth aircraft. Its hopes were raised when Russia signed a preliminary export contract in 2007.

Israel's air force has no stealth aircraft, greatly increasing the risk attached to striking any Iranian nuclear installations protected by the S-300.

Instead of going ahead with the sale, however, Russia has employed the possible export of the missiles as a powerful diplomatic lever. The Kremlin has already secured a promise from Israel not to sell weapons to Georgia, Russia's arch enemy. More



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