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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Israeli PM in 'secret' Russia visit over Iran

Amid rumors in the Israeli media about the mysterious disappearance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports reveal that he made a secret visit to Moscow to discuss Russian arms sales to Iran and Syria.

Netanyahu stole away to Moscow on Monday, Yediot Aharonot daily quoted anonymous sources as saying on Wednesday.

The premier's office reiterated that Netanyahu had spent Monday at the headquarters of the Mossad foreign intelligence agency.

Moscow also denied that Netanyahu met either Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or President Dmitry Medvedev.

A spokesman for the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, which oversees arms exports, declined to comment. More

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has no information about the Israeli prime minister visiting Russia, asserted the Ministry’s spokesman Andrey Nesterenko.

The Israeli embassy in Moscow told Kommersant daily they have no idea about the visit. More

Update: Israel admits Bibi's secret Moscow trip [Strange name for a Mass Murderer]



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