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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hugo Chávez arrives on arms ‘shopping spree’

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela flies to Moscow today amid reports that he is shopping for weapons, including helicopters, submarines, tanks and missiles.

At a time of renewed tensions between Mr Chávez’s Government and neighbouring Colombia, the firebrand Venezuelan leader is reported to be ready to buy at least 100 T72 and T90 tanks at a cost of up to $500 million (£300 million), which would double his army’s tank force.

But Moscow risks antagonising the Obama Administration if it sells arms to Mr Chávez and helps to trigger a proxy conflict in Latin America between the US and its former superpower rival. After Colombia granted the US military access to seven of its bases in July, Mr Chávez accused Washington of plotting an invasion and briefly recalled his ambassador from Bogotá, the Colombian capital.

Mr Chávez is to hold talks today with President Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, More

Hugo Chavez rocks Moscow



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