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Thursday, 13 August 2009

USSA quickly descending into chaos

A very dangerous thing occurred last Thursday and Friday. The Federal Reserve monetized roughly 40% of the nation's enormous debt. This means that the Fed printed money to flow into the economy in order to cover over 40% of the debt burden the U.S. now carries.

Within days the U.S. government quickly sold off this portion of the debt, creating even more debt, leading Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to request from Congress a lifting of the debt ceiling so that we could cover our obligations. That, of course, will create even more debt.

This economic shop talk may sound like gobbledygook to most average citizens, like myself. But the bottom line is that what the Fed did last week will create what is known as 'hyper-inflation.' The cost of goods and services rises so fast that average citizens can't afford the basic essentials of living.

However, the dirty little secret among economists and government bureaucrats is that what's bad for the citizens in this scenario is actually good for the government. In a hyper-inflation scenario the government makes more money due to the tax structure being based upon percentages. Thus, the government makes more money without having to enact an official tax increase. More



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