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US military spreading death

Monday, 17 August 2009

Suicide soars among US soldiers

As the US government throws its weight about the globe, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children fall before Uncle Sam's swinging scythe.

But, those at the cutting edge of the scythe are falling too, often by their own hands, in the inescapable confines of their homes or quarters in the barracks back on the US soil.

In 2008, 143 soldiers committed suicide, the highest number in the three decades that the army has kept records, reports Washington Post.

But, with months still to go till the new year and 141 suicides since January, that figure has almost been reached, with no sign of a slow-down in self-destructive drives of the US soldiers.

The US military, thus, faces a difficult challenge.

"The most frustrating thing is trying to find a cause," Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, the army's vice chief of staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on July 30. More

Top brass have 'no idea' how many troops have been wounded in Afghanistan
Robots Trained To Fire on People It’s a Star Wars dream or nightmare depending on whom you side with. Personally, I’m going to have to side against anything prohuman annihilation. But it seems like the dark side always has the more advanced weaponry.



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