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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Medvedev: We Oppose Iranian Nukes, Seek Ties With Israel

In a lengthy meeting with Mass Murderer Shimon Peres on Tuesday, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev declared his country's opposition to Iran's obtaining nuclear arms. Medvedev also expressed his desire to deepen and expand Israel-Russia relations.
24/7/365 pissed Medvedev
"Russia is interested in upgrading its strategic relationship with the State of Israel to the same level as that which exists between us and Germany, France and Italy," Medvedev told President Peres at the start of their four-hour-long meeting.

President Medvedev and President Peres met at the Russian leader's summer residence in Sochi, a well known resort on the shore of the Black Sea. The two men discussed their nations' bilateral relations, Russia's involvement in negotiations between Israel and Arab leaders, the fate of Israeli hostage Gilad Shalit, ongoing Russian arms sales to nations hostile to Israel, as well as the Iranian nuclear program.

"The problem with Iran is not only the desire to produce nuclear weapons," President Peres explained to his host, "but also the character of the regime. Mr. President, I am a Jew. A large portion of my family, from Belarus, were murdered by the Nazis, and I am unable to sit and do nothing when I hear the Iranian president calling for the destruction of Israel. From my point of view, a nuclear weapon in Iranian hands has only one meaning - a flying death camp."
Peres said that Iran's leaders may not launch a nuclear missile at Israel "tomorrow morning, but there is no doubt that it will take place." Iranian investment in long-range missiles "is clear indication of its intent," he said. More

'Arctic Sea hijacking' mystery deepens.
Hijackers are citizens of Russia, Estonia, and Latvia

Many feared dead in Russia blast
Russian officials have warned it is unlikely any of the 64 workers trapped within Russia's largest hydro-electric power plant after a blast will survive. Video

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