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Monday, 3 August 2009

Rothschild Puppet Mandelson 'To Quit as Peer'


Notice the Illuminati pyramidal hand technique?

LABOUR plotters hope to get Lord Mandelson back into the House of Commons so that he can fight a party leadership contest, it emerged ­yesterday.

Allies of Tony Blair believe that a ­proposed change in the law to allow life peers to quit can be speeded through within months, enabling Lord Mandelson to leave the House of Lords and stand for election as an MP.

That would make it a realistic ­possibility for him to stand for leader if Mr Brown was ousted or stepped down following a Labour defeat.

Such a move would be the lastest dramatic chapter in Lord Mandelson’s turbulent career. After playing a key role in forming New Labour he became MP for Hartlepool in the North-east in 1992, quit the Cabinet twice and left Parliament in 2004 to become an EU Commissioner.

He returned to frontline British ­politics last autumn when his old rival Gordon Brown brought him to Government, making him Business Secretary with a seat in the House of Lords. In June he was promoted to First ­Minister, in recognition of his influence including his role in staving off a leadership coup against Mr Brown. More


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