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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Guantánamo is 'Gitmo North' in Michigan

Imagine your child being tortured...for years. Military prison at Fort Leavenworth or 'Gitmo North' in Michigan most likely facilities for relocation

The Obama administration is looking at transferring inmates at Guantánamo to a combined jail and courtroom facility at an existing prison on the US mainland, officials confirmed today.

A task force set up by Barack Obama to consider options for closing Guantánamo by January 22 is expected to publish its findings over the summer.

Options being looked at include converting a civilian prison in Michigan, which has already been dubbed Gitmo North in anticipation, or a military prison in Kansas, Fort Leavenworth.

The Associated Press was the first to disclose that the Obama administration is considering a combined courtroom-prison complex, saying it was regarded as the "best among a series of bad options". More

Shackles and Chains: America Leads the World Again

Iran to Prosecute Authorities for Detainee Abuse

Calif. to shrink prison populations

Unmanageable conditions, severe overcrowding leave lawmakers with few options.



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