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Saturday, 25 July 2009

US Air Force to have nuclear-capable drones

The US Air Force maps out a plan for relative drone supremacy in the service where the unmanned aircrafts would fit every operation including nuclear assaults.

On Thursday, the air force released a report envisaging the future replacement of human servicemen and military planes by high-tech drones, The New York Times reported.

The drones depicted in the Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Plan range from pilot less aerial vehicles and miniature drones to huge bomber drones fitted with nuclear armaments.

Colonel Eric Mathewson in charge of the Air Force's task force on pilot less aerial systems spoke of 'exotic' changes to drone technology from 2020 through the 2040s.

The news comes at a time when Washington faces considerable criticisms over its devastating drone attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. US drones in these countries have claimed hundreds of civilian lives during attacks on alleged insurgent strongholds.

Flight Plan has also portrayed drones capable of aerial refueling and shipments. PressTV



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