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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Unknown Agency Monitors Thoughts of Military Families

The government is secretly monitoring our minds, as a recent experience shows. I was recently referred to a subcontractor of the global consulting giant Ceridian. On their law compliance page, Ceridian’s motto is, “Be compliant. Be global. Be ready for anything, anywhere. Get what you want.”

The myriad tentacles of this corporation are in many lucrative pots. On behalf of their government subcontract through Military One Source, they also have their fingers on the pulse of military opinion.

My husband is in Iraq. Shortly after he departed to the war zone, I was contacted by our Navy Fleet and Family Support Center. They informed me of my privileges and resources, should I need them during my husband’s absence. I was given a point of contact for this purpose at Naval Air Station Key West, Florida. More



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