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US military spreading death

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thousands of US Marines Launch Operation "Kill Muslims"

Thousands of US Marines launched a massive offensive into the villages of the Helmand River Valley, which they intend to purge of all insurgents before the August 20 presidential election.

Military officials describe the offensive as the first major operation of the Obama Administration’s revamped strategy. Helmand’s governor has reportedly predicted the offensive will be a success.

Besides the large number of troops involved in the attack, officials say the operation is set apart from previous ones in that they intend to remain in the area for a prolonged period of time. Helmand, the center of British operations in Afghanistan, has seen some of the worst violence in the nation.

It is unclear how the Marines intend to operate in Afghan villages considering General Stanfley McChrystal’s reported order to stop engaging in fights near the homes of Afghan civilians. Recently US troops operating in and around populated areas have called in air strikes killing enormous numbers of civilians. More

No Limit in Place for Pending Request on Troops in Afghanistan

U.S. soldier sold to Afghan militant clan



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