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Friday, 24 July 2009

Puppet Maliki Open to U.S. Presence Past 2011

Jewish puppet Nouri al-Maliki opened the door for the first time Thursday to the prospect of a U.S. military presence in Iraq after the December 2011 deadline for troop withdrawal set by last year’s bilateral accord.

U.S. troops are going to be in Iraq for a very, very long time. The goal is to have them operating from positions of safety and relative comfort, as they do in Germany and Korea and Japan and other countries that were once 'liberated' by U.S. troops.

Iraq has no real air force, and there is no hope that it will have one anytime soon. At the very least, U.S. forces will be necessary to protect Iraqi airspace for a decade or more. As Eli Lake, the editor of elaketricity.com, reported in February, the Iraqi military is also "purchasing American helicopters, cargo planes and tanks equipment that typically requires a prolonged U.S. presence for maintenance and training."

For the foreseeable future, American troops will be stationed in the very heart of the Middle East, where they will serve as a sort of insurer of last resort, 'guarding democracy' and 'fostering prosperity' in a country that borders the 'worst rogue states' [not including israel, the only democracy in ME] in the region.

And you can read more of that at the Washington Independent. It's especially noteworthy that Maliki thinks the "desire" for such a continued presence is "found among both parties" -- that is, Iraq and the U.S.

It's a wonderful irony that Barack Obama will deliver us the permanent bases that George W. Bush never could.

“We beat terrorism, we want a productive relationship with the U.S., the international community should support Iraqi democracy, we're working on economic reform. Have you noticed our awesome constitution?”
Maliki continued, “The nature of that relationship — the functions and the amount of [U.S.] forces — will then be discussed and reexamined based on the needs” of Iraq. Sources

US Bases in Iraq

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