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Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Neocons Have No Credibility, So Why Do They Get So Much Media Exposure?

If the media coverage of the Iranian elections has taught us anything, it's that the neoconservatives have held onto their megaphones in the mainstream press.

For those of you unfamiliar with the neoconservatives - or neocons, as they are often referred to - they're a clique of right-wing foreign policy ideologues who think the use of American military power is always justified under any circumstances. The endgame, as neocon Max Boot put it, is to have American troops occupy the "troubled lands" that "cry out for the sort of enlightened foreign administration once provided by self-confident Englishmen in jodhpurs and pith helmets." The neocons' one real attempt at implementing this doctrine so far has been in Iraq, where our country has been fighting for more than six years to take out Saddam Hussein's non-existent weapons of mass destruction stockpiles.

Amazingly, the neocons have learned nothing from the bloody experience in Iraq and would like to see it copied several times over. The recent Iranian elections are a case in point, as the neocons used the crackdown on Iranian dissidents as an excuse to both portray President Obama as weak and to restate their calls for regime change in the country. And of course, it isn't merely Iran where the neocons would like to see military force applied. Neocon guru and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, for instance, has advocated using the American military to preventatively attack not only Iran, but also North Korea, Sudan and even Somali pirates. The neocons don't seem to understand that it is simply not possible to fight multiple wars at once with our already-overstretched military. When Newt Gingrich was asked on Meet the Press a few years ago if having 130,000 of our troops stuck in Iraq had harmed our ability to deal effectively with Iran and North Korea, Gingrich actually said that it only hurt us "in our minds." More

Let's not beat about the Bush: The neocons are hardcore Communists and Trotskyites, a secret cabal of Jews whose billionaire backers have propelled them to power, they control the White House, the CIA, the Pentagon...

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