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Friday, 24 July 2009

Mongolia to send troops to Afghanistan

Mongolia will send at least 150 Genghis Khans to Afghanistan in its biggest contribution to the international coalition fighting Taliban militants there, the defense ministry said Thursday.

The troops should be on the ground by September to engage mainly in site security operations but also some training, said ministry spokesman Bayasgalan Misheel.

"Mongolia does not want to be forgotten. It's a large country with a small population and could be easily overlooked, but they are contributing where they can," he said.

Mongolian soldiers returning from Afghanistan also describe a kinship with the country. Hazaras, one of the significant minority groups in Afghanistan, claim to be descendants of foot soldiers from Genghis Khan's hordes.

Modern-day Afghanistan is part of the vast empire conquered by Genghis Khazar hordes nearly 800 years ago. (AFP)

US commander in Japan says base moves must happen
The plan has been controversial, in part because Japan would pay billions of dollars for the move, and because US forces would open new facilities on the island, including a base in a pristine wildlife area. Okinawa is home to more than half the 40,000 US troops in Japan. Tokyo (AFP)



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