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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Life in the Democratic Police State

What do you call "Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr trying to open the front door of his house with the help of his friendly cab driver"? Answer:

"two black males breaking into a home near Harvard University."

That's, anyway, how the caller to the police station put it. A cop was dispatched promptly.

Gates gave the officer his driver's license and Harvard identification, but became upset when the officer continued to question him.

So upset in fact that

[t]he sergeant said he was forced to step out of the home because of Gates' uncomfortably loud yelling.

Gates asked the police officer for his badge number and name several times but received no response. The sergeant told Gates that they could discuss the matter further outside, to which Gates allegedly replied,

"ya, I'll speak with your mama outside."

Police reinforcement arrived (presumably the anti-"uncomfortably loud yelling" unit) and Gates was arrested for

"exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior" in his home. More



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