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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Israeli doctors like Joseph Mengele

The President of Romanian Medical Council said Wednesday that the Israeli doctors arrested in Bucharest for allegedly running an illegal fertility clinic acted like Doctor Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz.

"These people are mentally disturbed, and what they did can only be compared with what went on at Auschwitz" said Prof. Vasile Astărăstoae in an interview with local media cited by Army Radio.

Astărăstoae added that the Sabyc Clinic's activities had severe ethical problems, and that at the end of a protracted probe last year, the RMC had recommended shutting it down due to violations of elementary medical ethics. In addition, he said, until recently, the doctors working at the clinic did not have a license to practice medicine in Romania.

The physicians were arrested on suspicion of paying Romanian women to donate their eggs, some of whom, according to local media, were 15-year-old girls who were paid 250 euros. More



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