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Monday, 20 July 2009

Hitlary: Pak home to syndicate of terror

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said the US was keeping a close watch on the Pakistan as home to a "syndicate of terrorism".

"We are watching it and we hope Pakistan will make progress against what is a syndicate of terrorism — [US To Sell Major Weapons Package To India ] Al-Qaida, Taliban and many other terror organisations are connected in a way that is deeply troubling to us, and I know to India. But it is also now troubling Pakistan," she said.

Clinton, who was talking to reporters after addressing a conference on climate change [ India Rejects US Carbon Demands ] at the ITC Green Centre in Gurgaon, also spoke of the growing cooperation between India and the US in the field of counter-terrorism.
In response to a question, the visiting US secretary of state expressed hope that the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks would meet their "day of reckoning" soon. More

The World's Foremost Terrorist - The US Government

US Army Document Proves US is World's Number One Sponsor of World Terrorism




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