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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sayan Jews behind Iranian Troubles

Subversive Iranian Sayan Jewish parasite Frank Nikbakht has spent the better part of his life speaking out against Iran's current government.

'Iranian Jewish activist Frank Nikbakht has spent the better part of his life speaking out against the true evil nature of Iran's current government towards Jews and non-Jews alike.

Nikbakht, an Iranian Jewish activist and director of the Committee for Minority Rights in Iran, is perhaps one of the few very knowledgeable sources on the behavior, history and tactics of Iran's current regime.

The Jewish Journal recently sat down with Nikbakht, who is based in Southern California, to discuss the results and background concerning Iran's recent elections and the mentality of those Islamic clerics ruling Iran today with an iron fist.' www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1093679.html

From Jewish Wikipedia:

'Sayanim (Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a term used to describe a network of Jews living outside Israel who volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad.

According to former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky and author Thomas Gordon, the sayanim provide assistance of various kinds to Mossad officers operating in foreign countries. This assistance can include facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. However, sayanim are not directly involved in the intelligence operation in question, and are only paid for their expenses. Sayanim must be 100% Jewish. They live abroad, and though they are not Israeli citizens, many are reached through their relatives in Israel. The Mossad regards the whole world outside Israel as a target, including Europe and the United States. No official number is known, but estimates put the number of sayanim in London at more than seven thousand.

Katsas are in charge of the sayanim, and most active sayanim will be visited by a katsa once every three months or so, which for the katsa usually means between two and four face-to-face meetings a day with sayanim, along with numerous telephone conversations. The system allows the Mossad to work with a skeleton staff. That's why, for example, a KGB station would employ about 100 people, while a comparable Mossad station would need only six or seven. The existence of this large body of volunteers allows the costs of intelligence gathering to be greatly reduced, and may be one reason why the Mossad operates with fewer case officers than fellow intelligence agencies...'

A Short History of Israel Blackmailing America into Proxy Zionist Wars



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