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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Jewish blogs cheer violence by Iran protesters

Weasel Zippers calls it the "feel good video of the day."

Gateway Pundit raves that it's the "best Iran protest video ever."

Both right leaning blogs are psyched about a video that Fox News Channel ran, which was posted on YouTube under the headline, "Iranian Protesters Beat the Living Crap Out of the Basij."

Gateway Pundit writes, "Get yourself a cool drink... Sit back... Press play and enjoy...It's a beautiful thing!"

Personally speaking, I'm appalled that anyone could cheer a mob kicking a guy on the ground, but I guess that's why I'm just a silly liberal who admires the kind of non-violent protests practiced by Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi. Raw Story

Iranian Protesters Beat the Living Crap Out of the Basij



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