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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Elite Iraeli Army Hiding Behind Kids:

A photograph of a Palestinian boy tied to an Israeli police jeep has been handed to justice officials charged with investigating complaints over the use of "human shields" against demonstrators. lndependent/UK

Mohammed was tied to the jeep by police

IDF Cowards to appeal human shield ban

BBC NewsThe Israeli Defence Ministry will appeal against a supreme court ruling banning the use of Palestinian human shields in raids, officials said.

Israeli soldiers make a Palestinian resident enter a house in Nablus in August 2002
The practice of using human shields is against international law
Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz is prepared to make a personal appearance in court to defend the practice, ministry officials added.

Human rights groups have frequently condemned the use of human shields.

The Israeli military believes that the use of Palestinian civilians can often defuse a tense situation.

Mr Mofaz is also set to argue that alternative methods of apprehending suspects, such as through the use of bulldozers, would endanger the lives of both Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians, a military source said.

Early warning

The Israeli supreme court issued its formal ruling last week, saying the practice violates international law.


It had already issued a temporary injunction against the practice in 2002 after a teenager was killed when troops made him negotiate with a wanted militant.

The court ruled out both the placing of civilians in front of soldiers on operations and an "early warning" procedure employed by the army.

In this practice, the Israeli army would force local Palestinians to approach the homes of militants and ask them to surrender.

May 17, 2005- An Israeli soldier stands over Palestinian boy, Fadi Ahmed Sharha, aged 16, who crouches handcuffed and blind-folded. Sharha was arrested during clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths in the Palestinian town of Dura near the city of al-Khalil (Hebron)- Photo by; Nayef Hashlamoun.
Independent: Israeli use of 'human shields' is judged illegal
The Israeli army practice of using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" to protect them during arrest operations has been declared illegal by the country's Supreme Court.

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ABC News Online Israel's highest court has banned the army from using Palestinians as human shields during its arrest operations in the West Bank.

A number of Palestinian civilians have been killed and wounded while being used this way.

During mass arrest raids in the West Bank, the Israeli army has often employed the tactic of using Palestinian civilians as human shields, forcing them, often at gunpoint, to approach the homes or hideouts of wanted militants.

In some cases the civilians have been caught in the crossfire and killed.

After petitions by two human rights groups, the Israeli Supreme Court has banned the practice, ruling that the use of human shields violates the Geneva conventions and international law.

What Kind Of Soldiers Hide Behind Civilians?

IDF the most moral army in the world!

Update 2006: B'Tselem Human Rights israel center
20 July 2006: Israeli Soldiers use civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanun

Update 2006:
Israeli troops use Palestinians as shields - video

Update 2007:
Israeli using Palestinian Kids as Human Shields

April 12, 2007
Balata Camp (Nablus): Kids Used as Human Shields

Testimonies: B'Tselem:

Human Shields

Arafat family flees from their home in 'Abasan al-Jadida following Israeli air force bombing, Jan. '09

A Palestinian youth injured in crossfire in the course of being used as a human shield by IDF soldiers, May 2007

Israeli soldiers use Jihan D'adush, 11, as human shield, Nablus, February 2007

Israeli soldiers use 'Amid 'Amirah, 15, as human shield, Nablus, February 2007

Israeli Soldiers Use Palestinians as Human Shields during Incursion into Beit Hanun, July 2006

Suspected execution of Mahmud Kmel and use of Palestianians as human shields by IDF soldiers in Raba, Jenin District, December 2004

Tulkarm Refugee Camp: IDF soldiers use Ahmad 'Asaf as a human shield, January 2004

Nablus: IDF use 'Ula 'Awad, as a human shield, March, 2003

Nablus: IDF soldiers use Nabhan Najar as a human shield, December 2002

Hebron: IDF soldiers beat and abuse Palestinians in barbershop, December 2002

Jenin: IDF soldiers use Khaled Kamil as a human shield, November 2002

IDF uses Husam Subuh and Tawfiq Salah as human shields, September 2002

IDF use Palestinian man, Mahmud Abu 'Arara, as a human shield, September 2002

Jenin District: IDF use Shaf'a Ghanem, as a human shield, September 2002

IDF use Samir Abu 'Amra and Ahmad Abu 'Amra as human shields, August 2002


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